I'm that guy  

Oh, that guy.

I am a self-taught web designer and developer.
What am I doing?   Well, if you don't see me glued to my PC, I'm probably slaying an ender dragon.
Or quite possibly, I have gone and discovered a way to travel through time and I am probably being chased by a T-Rex.   However, when I'm not playing around with my time machine, I spend my time designing and developing with the hope to simplify and brighten our everyday lives.

During my spare time, I sometimes write little snippits of code.  Those snippits of code -depending on the size- are showcased on my blog, or on CodePen.  I write down things I went through trying to code nifty (or goofy) things.
To the blog!  (Well, it's more like just a bunch of code articles...)

Or visit my CodePen, that's where the party is at. ;)



Work in Progress

2014 — Present.

Home Crafted Essentials  

and Paditude

January 2015 — February 2015.

Nathaniel Collin  

Musician Website

August 2014 — October 2014.


For business inquiries, or if you simply want to talk about the universe and the vastness of it, shoot me an email from here.
And if this form doesn't suit your fancy, you can also shoot me an email at hello@darrylhuffman.com!

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(I've got my super big and explosive lazer pointed right at it.)